At PATMOS EmergiClinic, we provide prompt care for many of the injuries and illnesses treated in Emergency Rooms at a tiny fraction of their cost. We also take care of chronic problems such as diabetes and hypertension. 

PATMOS EmergiClinic does not accept any third party payment and makes no apologies for this.  In order to keep costs down for the uninsured and the increasing number of patients who have high co-pays and deductibles, we choose not to assume the massive overhead involved in billing third party payers. This has the added benefit of eliminating bureaucratic hassles and intrusions into the doctor-patient relationship, ensuring strict confidentiality of patient information, and keeping our typical charges usually between the cost of an oil change and a brake job. 

Although you might associate low cost with low quality, Dr. Berry achieved board certification in Internal Medicine in 1993, scoring at the 99th percentile on the core component of the board exam. He also achieved Board Certification in Emergency Medicine in 2003. He is able to provide many ER-level services such as suturing complex lacerations, splinting fractures, and treating asthma attacks. He has kept many patients from being hospitalized by giving IV therapy in his clinic. 

Even insured patients who can’t see their doctors in a timely fashion come to PATMOS. They have found that quick, competent care for simple, acute illnesses such as sore throats and bronchitis is worth paying a little more than their co-pay.